Akarora Consulting is a business and legal consultancy working with international and local businesses to help them flourish in East Africa’s most vibrant markets.

Based in Nairobi, the economic and commercial hub of East Africa, we advise international businesses looking to invest in Kenya and Africa, businesses investing in the UK, and provide business and practice management consultancy services to East African legal businesses.

Investing in Africa

We work with international businesses across all sectors to help them navigate the Kenyan and East African market, helping them launch, grow and manage their operations successfully.

Investing in the UK

With 15 years knowledge & experience of UK markets, we support international business development in the UK, focused on outward growth from the Kenyan market in a new era of trade for the UK.

Helping law firms thrive

Applying our experience of working for major law firms in the City of London, we support the establishment, growth and performance of local and international law firms operating in the East African region.


Our business philosophy is centred on creating positive social impact, and our support for the East African region goes beyond the purely commercial, reflecting the social enterprise roots of our founder.

To address the social housing challenge all-too prevalent in the region we are creating Akarora Impact, designed to give local people quality affordable housing, together with a range of healthcare, childcare and community services.

From our origins in Kenya, we plan to grow across Africa and internationally. For more information on this exciting social venture, visit the Akarora Impact website.

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